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Altrincham Insolvency Practitioners

It’s tough enough having an insolvent company, never mind trying to find the right Insolvency Practitioner who can understand your business and its needs.

The best advice you could take right now is to take a deep breath and don’t panic, there’s a solution for most insolvency situations.

So whatever your situation:

  • struggling to pay suppliers,
  • major customers not paying,
  • effects of the recession,
  • County Court Judgements,
  • Statutory Demands,
  • Winding up Petitions,
  • Bailiff action,

were here to help.

When choosing an Insolvency Practitioner there are some basic points you might want to consider first:

  • How comfortable do you feel with them?
  • Do you feel they understand your business?
  • What are their ethics?
  • Do they inspire confidence?

The points might seem a little basic, but they are a good measure of whether or not you and your Insolvency Practitioner can work together.